A Life Lost: Our Tree


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We lost our tree last week. A storm took part of it down, and it would have been too dangerous for us to keep the rest of it standing. So it’s gone now.

We have come to realize that the fairies had moved in last month to help us celebrate the tree’s final days. We were able to see it in full spring bloom one last time, then watch the blossoms dance on the air and fade away to welcome shiny new green leaves.

It was a healthy tree… tall, full and beautiful. Ever since it was taken down, people I’ve never seen before have stopped on the street in front of my house in astonishment to see it gone.

“Oh, no! I loved that big shady tree!” they have told me.

I know the feeling.

In case you’re wondering, it had 26 rings.

Here is a poem my daughter wrote about it:

It happened to me
It happened to you
But it doesn't just affect two

Time has passed
Time has gone
For things that happen under the sun

Life is good
Life is great
Now just have some faith

My tree loved me
My tree loved you
I'm sure your tree won't forget you

All those days
All those nights
Remember all those sights

- Chloe S.
May 2015

Our TreeShe has posed beside the tree for nearly every Halloween costume and first day of school photo over the years. So… we will, of course, be getting a new one to fill the space.

TreeSomething shady and flowery, we think….

Any suggestions?

Another old favorite….



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