Read “PS”, Book 1


Elyse’s Prelude
from PS
please“There was a time when I didn’t know Brendon.

There was, in fact, a lot of it.

And I wish I could say that all of the experiences I’d had during all of that time would have prepared me for meeting him, but they didn’t.

In fact, they did just the opposite….” More.

Surprise, Surprise
from Ch. 6

fireplace“‘Have you noticed how insane everyone is around here?’ The sound entered my ears and infiltrated my veins causing my pulse to race.

Don’t bother looking at him. He’s not talking to you, Elyse.

Our hands reached out for the same pack of strawberries. I felt the warmth of his skin skim mine and forced myself to pull away. He kept speaking, ‘Totally insane.'” More.

Elyse’s Daydream
from Ch. 10
Bubble BathBubbles, bubbles… lots of bubbles. Ever since I’d arrived at college and started fending for myself, I’d been making various discoveries about life’s little luxuries. One of the most important thus far? Bubbles… and lots of them… are a necessity for a really great bath. Especially when paired with the most deliciously relaxing scent you can think of… like, lavender or vanilla or chamomile. I usually mixed a few scents together to create my own perfectly blended bubble bath cocktail….” More.

from Ch. 10

Rotoglow - band pic“‘Agh!’ cried Abby, ‘It’s so freakin’ loud in here I can’t hear myself think.’ Apparently, Abby wasn’t as into local rock stars as Claire and I were. She had her hands over both ears and was wildly rocking her head from side to side to emphasize the pain we were putting her through just by walking in the door of the pub.” More.

Long Walk to… Forever?
from Ch. 11
Shoreline“One of the things I loved best about Rhode Island was the salty air that hung heavily about the quaint coastal towns. I enjoyed feeling it cling to my bare skin and the chill of the cool, watery breeze that ruffled through my hair when I walked along the scant rocky beach searching for small gem-like pieces of sea glass that sometimes washed ashore. This afternoon, I was especially looking forward to my excursion because I would be adding one more meaningful detail to the experience: sharing the time there with Brendon.” More.

The Halloween Party
from Ch. 12

Witch Old Witch?“There was no question about it. Brendon’s house looked unmistakably like a castle — not the kind typically found in fairy tales where you’d see knights in shining armor practicing their maneuvers upon horses in bright green fields of grass, ringed by a meadow in full spring bloom. In fact, Brendon’s house appeared rather bleak, like a fortress you’d find in an old black-and-white horror movie….” More.

Another Walk
from Ch. 13
holding hands
“On Saturday morning, I had gotten Brendon off my mind long enough to teach the little girls ballet and tap. It was a very welcome change of pace to my week and I had nearly managed to forget recent circumstances altogether as I gathered my things and followed the little girls and their mothers through the changing room, across the lobby, out the door. Within a moment, I had plowed directly into a sturdy human body that was walking past the studio.” More.

Casting Out the Others
from Ch. 15

Single FlameAunt Hayley’s library consisted of two long shelves filled with books crammed together alphabetically by subject, from Alchemy to Karma, Physics to Reincarnation, Sociology to Zen. As we scanned her entire collection, she made sure Claire and I understood the books were references only, for the sake of her own knowledge and learning. In other words, just because she had multiple books on Druidic rituals, it didn’t mean she actually practiced them. She preferred to think of everything in her collection as a series of ‘textbooks’ — merely tools that came in handy in times like these.” More.

Lucie’s Little Black Book
from Ch. 15

Window“Our return trip from Mystic was virtually silent, despite the music emanating from Claire’s car radio. She eyed me when Duran Duran began to sing ‘Ordinary World’, recognizing the irony it held for us tonight. But, beyond that, we were both lost in our own thoughts about the day’s events — and I was certain Claire’s were focused on coming up with a way to safely return Lucie’s belongings to her room.” More.

Elyse’s List
from Ch. 16
“It was the New Year now, and I was still being taunted by my ill-fated dreams. But for some reason, I didn’t really mind. My dreams were the only place I could safely exist with Brendon. During the waking hours, we had nothing to do with each other. At night, my subconscious was free to imagine things in a much, much brighter light. Last night I’d entered my latest dream into my journal….” More.

Dinner Date
from Ch. 17

Icicles“’Surprise,’ Jon said, reaching out to hug me warmly. ‘You were great.’

“’What are you doing here?’ I exclaimed in total shock. It came out more distressing than I meant it to, but… my emotions were all over the place these days and, therefore, a bit difficult to control until after they’d already revealed themselves. Practically every conversation I had with anyone required me to back-track and correct my bad behavior or ill-begotten phrasing. Jon seemed completely unfazed by it.” More.

Too Late?
from Ch. 18

“Standing frozen in the doorway with windblown tendrils of hair and snowflakes dripping from my fuzzy lilac acrylic hat, I surveyed the classroom for a place to sit. This scenario was typical for me during these darker, colder days, except for one thing: this time I was being noticed.” More.

Closed Doors
from Ch. 21

Door“Brendon had insisted I pick him up at his front door for tonight’s outing. Why, oh, why this was truly necessary, I couldn’t fathom, but I played along with it because it allowed me to spend more time with him. Still, I approached the entrance to his home with a tinge of apprehension that I feared would never fully leave me, no matter how much time went by. I found myself always half-expecting Lucie to answer the door when I pushed the button to ring the bell.” More.

Table for Two?
from Ch. ?
Cafe Table
“’Let me see your list,’ Brendon stated firmly, as though the sound of his voice alone could sway me to do his bidding.

‘No.’ I flat-out rejected him, then laughed.

‘Oh, come on. You know you want to,’ he prodded, suddenly sounding like a little boy, which made me feel very young and small myself.” More.

Ghost Story

metro“There it was again.

“The scent of roses permeated my skin, my mind, my soul like an anchor that wouldn’t let me pull away, but kept me sinking out on the ocean. I turned away from Claire, who was discussing our current travel plans with the ticket book attendant, and told myself it was just some random perfume wafting toward me from the women passing by. This was France after all — perfume capital of the world.More.





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