About Starcrost Hollow

Starcrost Hollow originated as the setting for a poem I wrote about a young woman wandering around the forest (merely for the romance of doing such a thing). Along the way, she encounters a handsome stranger who wonders why she is walking alone in the forest, which is no doubt rife with potential dangers. She thinks he’s rather bold to make such a statement about her situation, when he doesn’t even know her. Yet, she’s taken in by his good looks and gentlemanly demeanor.

Ultimately, the path they are walking along divides into two directions. By the time they reach this fork, the two realize that, rather than parting, they should continue on together. He asks her if she’ll stay with him and she agrees, though she knows nothing about him other than that he appears to be a humble woodsman. His intrinsic internal and external beauty has won her heart. So he leads them down the path toward his home.

As they walk over the crest of a hill, she realizes that not only is he handsome and beguiling, but it is also his forest through which she had been wandering. For, he is not merely a simple woodsman after all, but the ruler of the land. Without any hesitation, he takes her hand in his and they walk on together, vowing never to part.

* * *

Now, it is a place where I imagine that just a little bit of enchantment can change your life.

Your thoughts? Anyone, anyone....

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