Understand me…

This is how I inadvertently complicate my life…

I realize this is an out-of-focus photo, btw.

See that skinny white wire (my earbuds) there on the left and those pink eyeglass beads on the right? And the way they are criss-crossed with each other in the middle?

If you wonder what I do all day at work these days… it involves untangling myself about every 20 minutes or so.

First, let me explain the pink glasses. I figure, if I have to wear reading glasses (+1.25) now, I may as well make them as obvious as possible. Which is why I also bought the little beaded chain to help them stay on me in some capacity. Both items are from the dollar store. Mainly because I’m assuming I’m going to set them down somewhere and forget where I put them and have to go get more. Worth the whole $2 for the time being. šŸ˜›

Now… why do I have readers? Because I’m wearing my contacts every day now and my entire world of vision is suddenly screwy. In the good ole days, when I had glasses, I could wear them at my whim. But things have changed.

Why am I wearing my contacts every day now? If you must know, it’s because I lost my regular glasses about 3 weeks ago. šŸ˜„

Drove to a shopping center wearing my glasses. Took the glasses off in my car as usual. Went into a store to shop. Dug into my purse to pull out my glasses to see something far away. No glasses. Wandered around the parking lot looking for the glasses. Got down on my hands and knees looking under cars. Searched my car. Went into a couple of stores to see if anyone had turned in any glasses. The shop people made an announcement across the entire store so that all of the shoppers would know that I lost my glasses. They all stared back at me as though I was a crazed glasses-losing lunatic.

And, of course, I was.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve asked my daughter to help me find my glasses and she’s just stared blankly back at me until I realize I already have them attached to me — either on top of my head, in my hand, or dangling from the collar of my shirt. Yep. I am a fashion icon. Glasses aren’t just for seeing anymore. They are also headbands and necklaces.

Anyway. No glasses. Anywhere. At those stores.

So I drove home without my glasses on. Sounds scarier than it was. My “natural” vision isn’t awful. I just can’t read street signs until they get close. Luckily, I knew the way by heart. Anyway… I put in my contacts at home and drove back out to finish whatever shopping I was doing that day. I’ve been wearing my contacts ever since. Which is totally not like me.

Well… it is now, but it wasn’t then.

This was taken the next day, after the photo above. Just to prove it’s a daily thing.

I decided to consider it a sign from the Universe that I am supposed to look at things differently in the New Year. That was the only silver lining I could come up with. šŸ™‚

Anyway, now all day long I get tangled up in these pink glasses and beads.

But at least I can watch TV without putting on my glasses!

(get it?)

(I’m wearing contacts now)

(not glasses)

How’s the view where you are?

Your thoughts? Anyone, anyone....

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