It’s all in the details: Another visit to Sully Historic Site…

So… we visited Sully Historic Site again last fall because… why not? Actually, we did have a reason: In the first week of school, the students in my daughter’s class were assigned a major project that was going to be due the week of Thanksgiving. It required students to go on a “Family Field Trip” to a historic place of their choosing and to document it some way with photos and text. We knew immediately that with Nutcracker rehearsals starting soon, there wouldn’t be much time to plan such a visit. So we took a trip down the road to one of our favorite places… again.

It was a gray, rainy day, so we were alone on the house and grounds tours, but it did allow us to get some photos we didn’t usually get. And it gave my daughter a chance to ask questions without worrying about what anyone else might be thinking or saying or doing. She ended up putting together a journal on parchment-like paper (we burned the edges, too!) and turned it in on the second week of school! Her teacher asked why she turned it in so quickly, and when she heard the words “Nutcracker rehearsals” it all made sense to her. You see, her teacher had been a ballet dancer, too… and knows all about how time-consuming dance classes and rehearsals are. So, enough said.

Today, four months later, my daughter finally received her grade on her project. Well done!

Meanwhile, here are some of the “detail” photos that I took that day — which my daughter did not want to use in her project. (Oh, well.) My photographic goal on this visit was to capture scenic details that I don’t usually focus on.




Seating Arrangements

Sleeping Spaces

Coming and Going

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