I’m back in college again…

… Well, sort of.

I am studying this:


… via TCM’s collaboration with Ball State University and the Canvas Network. You can get details about the course here. If I manage to score above 70% on all the quizzes, I will get a certificate at the end. Sounds like fun… I think.

The program just started this week. I am 2-1/2 days into it and… so far, so good. Although my daughter is missing me in the evenings (even though she’s sitting/playing/dancing right next to me), because my attention is focused elsewhere. And… since this is a M-F, 6-week course, it’s going to be a long summer for us!

OR… I have to change my study schedule. Which is fine. I will do that for her.

So my new plan is this: Instead of using up the evening with coursework, I am instead going to do the coursework during the day and just watching the movies (what movies? Umm.. the Hitchcock ones) and respond to the 3 questions at night.

However… we did take time out last night (after all, it is summertime!) to watch my daughter’s old friend from preschool play in his final Little League Baseball All-Star game of the season. His team lost. 😐 Oh, well.

I noticed in the class forum (where we are to post our answers to 3 daily course questions) that my responses are quite long compared to other students’. I write paragraphs, they write one-liners. So I am starting to wonder if I am taking this too seriously and/or if I am just super-super smart, or if I’m the crazy person in the group. I know it’s gotta be one or the other.

So, anyway… I hope you’ll excuse me whilst I head back to class…

Until next time, I shall leave you in suspense of my whereabouts. (Get it? Hitchcock. Mystery. Suspense. ???)


Your thoughts? Anyone, anyone....

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