Shuffling through the decades, past and present…

The ballet company’s final show of the season is coming up this weekend. It’s called “Decades On Shuffle” and features dances choreographed to music from the ’20s-today. (In case you’re wondering, I’m not in the show. Just working backstage.)

Last week, I handed over the final design files to the printer to produce the show program booklet, and the T-shirt design to the screen printer… plus the Nutcracker ad for the Girl Scout Yellow Pages… so for the first time in months, I don’t have any extraneous projects due to anyone.

… All of which means I am very ready for summer to shift me into a new work schedule based upon my daughter’s summer camp hours, and a more relaxed workplace filled with (or not filled with, I should say) vacationing co-workers, etc… Yay.

Anyway… since I’ve been living in Decadesville for the past couple of months…….

SIDE NOTE: Hey! Maybe this is why I had that crazy time travel dream last night?

In the dream, you could go backwards and forwards in time just by selecting an old photograph (or video) and scanning its code into a machine (there were companies in the business of painstakingly tagging all of your family (plus historical) photos and videos with the time-travel code to each one — one click and you were there!).

3 music videos with photos involved…
1-Β  Feeling angst-ridden and want to throw something? Watch this one.
2-Β  Want to curl up in a ball and cry because… well, because…? Watch this one.
3-Β  Wish time travel through photography was actually possible, but don’t have access to any of the photos you’d want to jump into? Watch this one.

You could enter the scene before or after the photo was already taken. The funny part was that if it was a black-and-white photo, you time traveled in black and white! πŸ™‚ You could not erase anything or hurt anyone or change outcomes, but you could be “there”. I think you had to select a time limit option like “30 minutes” or “2 hours”… and there was a 6-hour maximum. When you reached your time limit in photo mode, you were instantly zapped back to the present day, fully intact… nothing about you or your life or anyone else’s life changed, etc.

Because the tagging companies kept records of both “private” and “public” photographs, you could search for a place and time you wanted to go to online and set up a time to visit it. Let’s say you always wanted to see The Beatles in concert. Bing! You’ve got a front-row seat. And maybe even a handshake or an autograph. πŸ˜€

I can see your brain working overtime on all the ways this is a very bad idea… but just imagine all of those people you’ve seen once on a Metro train and wished you’d see again, but never do. (Cue James Blunt.) You could at least go back and follow them off the train (in a non-stalkerish way, hopefully) and see where they went.

Or… instead, you could travel into the future, in the hopes of discovering the answer to the age-old question, “Where is this relationship going?” πŸ˜‰

Or, maybe you skip ahead a generation or two just to see what the world will be like in general. Are you better off then than now?

Yes, I can still hear you. Now you’re saying, “Umm… how do you get a photo from the future to be able to time travel there?!” Well… it might have something to do with getting help from an alien race from outer space… OR… possibly you just use your imagination… or… something. I guess that’s the 2.0 version, yet to be created. But I’m sure you can look forward to it… in the future….

(And while we’re on the subject… how do you get a photo of someone you merely glanced at on the subway 15 years ago? Well, gee… I don’t know. My brain is not that technical when I dream (obviously)… This is why crazy thoughts like this are called “dreams”. But I do think this idea would’ve made a great episode of “Fantasy Island”.)

ANYWAY… back to the reality of Modern Day….

As I was saying… Since I’ve been shuffling through the decades lately, I thought I’d share a few of my favorite songs from eras past with you.

These are songs that, if I were to attend a prom in any high school’s gym in any past decade… I would hope to hear during the slow-dance portion of the evening:

1920s β€” 1930s β€” 1940s β€” 1950s β€” 1960s
1970s β€” 1980s β€” 1990s β€” 2000s β€” 2010s

P.S. Yes, I know many of the performers are not authentic to the era. Also… I never actually went to prom. 😐  Do you have a prom photo I can jump into? And… would you possibly like to dance with me?


Your thoughts? Anyone, anyone....

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