The Doll Shop is now closed…

So… good news: I didn’t fall down during the “Doll Shop” ballet shows or the dress rehearsal. But I *was* sick for the performances (the entire weekend + today, etc.). The kind of sick where you’re coughing and sneezing and achy and exhausted and your ears are clogged, which makes the room spin sometimes. Yes, it was lovely. But the show must go on. And so it did. And I am an amateur professional. And so I went on, too.

Still exhausted though. I always get sick when I fly. 😐

And, yes, I loaded myself up on Emergen-C before and during the trip. Didn’t help.

But before the illness kicked in, I enjoyed three cool-ish warm sunny days in California. My work presentation went well (enough)… and I made a new work friend. 🙂 On the last night, we were seated beside each other at dinner. We kept saying weird things that no one else understood or laughed at and I finally asked her when her birthday is. Yep. Nailed it. I know my fellow Capricorns when I’m in their midst.

Of course, she’s centuries younger than me, but she did seem astonished when I shared my true age with her. She told me I have a very young spirit. I prefer to take that as a compliment. I told her she will be younger when she gets older, too. She didn’t quite understand, but… one day, it will all reveal itself to her.

The woman I was seated next to on the plane for the final leg of my journey home also thought I was younger than my years. She told me she thought I was in my 20s. I’m pretty sure she and I were about the same age. (Sorry, lady.) Anyway… nice to know I’m still hanging in there with the “youths” of today. It helps if you wear a ponytail. And listen to rock music.

I was actually very lucky to sit next to that woman on the flight. My other option was a man who accosted me at the gate, stepping up to me, winded, saying, “Have they called Zone 2 yet?”

“No,” I told him. “I am Zone 2 also.” (Hint, hint: Back up, Mr. Man.)

“Oh,” he said, and rolled himself and his luggage in front of me to make sure he went through ahead of me (in a very un-gentlemanly manner). Then, when he noticed I had my “smartphone” out with my boarding pass ready to be scanned, he commented, “If it weren’t for ion batteries, none of that would be possible.”

I supplied him with my standard non-committal response to technical conversations with random strangers, “Mmm-hmm. Modern technology.”

He continued with something to the effect of, “I’ve been at a convention this week discussing the next generation of super processors that now incorporate ion batteries.” And he mumbled on and on as we walked down the gangway (with his luggage purposefully blocking my progression the entire way), telling me that when he was in college, he typed up his papers on a — he made this sound like the most important and amazing thing in the world — TYPEWRITER.

I think he, too, thought I was in my 20s, because he went on to explain what a typewriter is. And then he spun back into his previous ion battery discussion at which point my mind wandered off thinking, “That’s nice. But your topic of conversation has ceased to amuse me. Do you, by chance, know anything about ergonomics?”

He didn’t respond… and I guess I lost track of whatever he had actually been saying to me because our “conversation” successfully ended there.


I have no idea what seat he ended up in… but I’m sure whoever he was seated next to learned all about ion batteries, whilst I enjoyed the silence of my window seat beside the lady with the bad eyesight.

Forgot to mention the car ride to the airport. The driver (Lars — owner of the transportation company who has seen and heard it all in the back seat of his car) talked about being a single dad and how, “The first time you marry for lust. The second time, you marry your best friend.”

Thanks, Lars.

I’ll keep that in mind.


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