Back-to-Back to “The Doll Shop”…

So, there have been a few more Patron dance rehearsals in the past week or so. At the second rehearsal, the choreographer changed the choreography. Now, instead of crashing into each other every five seconds trying to remember what comes next, we rotate around each other here, there, and everywhere… Which is why I am now calling our dance, “The Loopy Dance”.

If you would like to dance along with me, here are the steps:

You begin sitting down on a bench at the back of the stage (upstage), facing the audience.

Stand up, rotate around yourself to the left. Move forward (downstage), but keep rotating around yourself to the left, then real quick rotate around yourself to the right. Now walk across to the other side of the stage… and stop. Rotate to the left in a small circle with other people, starting off with a hitch-kick. Twist around and rotate to the right in the circle, and then walk really fast while still rotating as you head toward the center of the stage. Then do a quick rotating flip in mid-air to the right, making sure not to bump into anyone, and then immediately get out of everyone else’s way by walking backwards about 12 paces to your new spot on the side of the stage. Stand there for 2 seconds.

Are you still with me?

Now tiptoe forward as though you’re stepping on hot coals to form a small circle in the center of the stage and point your right toe toward the middle of the circle. Then spin around to the left and point your left toe outside of the circle. Then point your original toe back in the center of the circle and raise up on the ball of that foot. Step back and look to your standing spot that is 12 paces away (from whence you came). Look back into the circle to say goodbye to the other circlers… and walk back to your 12-paces-away spot.

But wait, there’s more!

Now, walk in a really big circle around the outer perimeter of the stage at a moderate pace, purposefully not in time with the music. Do a little flip to the left in the middle of your walk… being careful not to step on anyone who is coming up quick behind you… and then go to your very original starting position for the dance. But, before you finish, flip to the right and make a “Ta-DAH!” pose. Then twirl under your left arm one final time and sit down.

See what I mean? The Loopy Dance.

Got it? Great. Now do it all over again wearing a floor-length skirt and heels.

And I haven’t even told you about the new final “running” scene we learned at the third rehearsal yet.

But I will…


Your thoughts? Anyone, anyone....

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