What to do, what to do…

So… I have this pair of shoes that I wear a lot. They are black with silver buckles, no back, and 3″ heels (which are actually 2-1/2″ when you take into consideration the slight platform the shoe sits on). I would show you a picture of them… but it would probably disturb you. They kind of resemble a black leather jacket, only they are not as cool.

Anyway… I have had these shoes for over a decade, and I know I need to replace/rethink them, but… they fit me really well. We’ve been through so much together. Plus, they go with practically everything I wear.

Also… I have looked at various stores for a replacement, but cannot find anything even remotely similar. Actually, I do have another similar pair. Only they are brown. And they are nowhere near as comfortable as these. And also, I tend to have a really, really hard time letting go of things that are, you know, a perfect match for me.

Of course, these shoes are very, very, very worn. For example, the heels… are wobbly… and the front top section is quite crackled. And the name on the inner sole has been walked off. (However… the buckles are still shiny. šŸ™‚ )

Anyway… I was wearing these shoes to work for the umpteenth time last week and, upon parking my car in the lot that morning, I decided to cross the small grassy field between parking spaces, rather than walk sensibly on the pavement.

This is basically what happened when I did that (at the end of this scene):

… only there was no castle and no handsome stranger accompanying me. Which basically means I was walking and talking with myself.

The good news is: I don’t think anyone saw me drop to my knees and splat out on the ground.

The bad/awkward news is: I ended up trapped under my ultra-heavy computer bag. (Side note: Usually when I am trapped under something, it’s a little black cat who gently paws at my face and then rubs her wet nose upon my cheek.)

manorhouseAnd no, I cannot use a rolling computer cart to drag my heavy bag instead of carrying it because the building I work in — a former residence-turned-office-building referred to as “The Manor House” — doesn’t have an elevator. It, instead, has 2 sets of 11 shiny marble steps leading from the ground floor up to the office suite.

So… what do you think? Time to get rid of these shoes and step out of my comfort zone…? Or… continue taking my chances with them and keep them forever? šŸ˜‰

Ode to falling…


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  1. kirkhsmith says:

    Makes me think of that J Lo/McConaughey movie where her heel gets stuck in the grate and he saves her from getting hit by a rolling dumpster and she says “you saved… my shoe.”


    1. Cath says:

      “The Wedding Planner”. šŸ˜€ I’m thinking I would’ve gotten rolled over by the dumpster if that had been me.

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