Just a quick catch-up…

Nutcracker rehearsals
Well… sometime within the past two weeks, my current dance partner realized he needed to actually learn, practice and know the dance moves he has to do in the show. I was amazed at last week’s rehearsal session to discover him actually hitting his marks, rather than standing still or shuffling about out of other people’s way. I was even able to get my former dance partner and my current one into a vacant dance studio to practice together, with the former one taking the lead on dance moves. And… voila. Instant improvement. Let’s hope he keeps up the good work. Show must go on….

3 performances: November 26 & 27
1 performance: December 9

In a shocking turn of events, my mom’s tomato plant recently sprouted at least four new tomatoes. I’m hoping they can hang on a while longer in our current windy and cold days. The Heinz plant is still just a foot tall with nothing to show for it… and the pumpkin plant… well, it’s gone with the wind. Green onions, anyone? They’re still there. So is the parsley.

It’s right around the corner and my daughter doesn’t have a costume yet. This will be the first year ever that I haven’t made (designed and sewn) her two costumes for the holiday. This year, she is going as a “creepy doll”. We still don’t know what that means. No costume exists. I guess she’s reached the age of “just throw anything together at the last minute”. (She turned 11 this month.)

Home improvements
I’ve made only a little progress on this. So many things going on at once (not to mention the intermittent cold, rainy and windy weather) are making bigger progress challenging. But… I’m seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. Most of the things we no longer want in our lives anymore are piled up in the living room waiting to be put in the back of the car and hauled away as donations. I’ve also bought a few things that fit into our “new” home plan better… so it feels good to see those things around the house.

Speaking of new homes… my sister recently sold hers and bought a new one, so one of her three cats is staying at my house while she gets settled. He’s in our guest room (which isn’t completely decorated yet… it was just “available” for him at the time). He has been with us since October 12 and will be moving into his new home at the end of the month. Our own cat, Kitty, is not very fond of him. They have hardly met each other, but… she’s always been on her own (other than our dog)… so she’s not too excited to see another cat in the house.

Holiday season
I tried to go Christmas shopping the other day, but failed to buy anything. A shopping list might have helped. I suppose I wasn’t quite motivated yet… with so many other things on my mind. Also… I’m thinking we should probably decorate for Halloween first… before it’s over.

It’s amazing how quickly some people move on in relationships. One of my neighbors finalized her divorce earlier this year, immediately went on dating sites to find a new man. Found one. And they got engaged over the weekend after six months of dating. Her ex even likes the guy.


I guess that’s all for now.


Your thoughts? Anyone, anyone....

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