Meanwhile, back on the dance floor…

…So, my former dance partner arrived at the studio on time for Nutcracker rehearsal this evening and I caught up to him long enough to sing, “We’re just two ships that pass in the night…”

“Barry Manilow,” he states.

“Yep,” I confirm.

This is about as exciting as the evening got… for me.

My new dance partner is still working on his… feet, focus, hand placement and memorization skills.

Meanwhile, my former dance partner got a new dance partner… again.

“This is my third wife in two weeks,” he told me (there was the one last week and two different ones tonight).

“Which one of them is your favorite?” I asked him at the end of the night..

You, of course,” he smiled and laughed, knowing I haven’t been his “wife” at all this year.


“Yay,” I beamed and crossed in front of Mr. Tembo to hug him.

Then I turned to Mr. Tembo, “You can tell he’s a good husband because he knows the right answer to the question.”

Then my former dance partner and Mr. Tembo both laughed, and Mr. Tembo noted, “We need shirts that say, ‘TRAINED’ on them. We should get them after a certain number of years of marriage.”

Ahh, these men.

See? Nothing much happening tonight.

And now… back to reality.

Your thoughts? Anyone, anyone....

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