So, it’s fall again…

Festival MapLet happiness abound. My favorite season has arrived at last! And, by the way… have I ever mentioned how much I *l-o-v-e* pumpkins? Well, I do. And so does the little forest creature who ate mine the very same night I got it from the Fall Festival. SIGH.

Well, I’m sure I will get another one (pumpkin, not creature), since it’s still so early in the season — not from my own pumpkin plant that’s been attempting to grow in a lovely little container in my garden since May, of course. No, that one hasn’t produced anything other than pretty golden yellow blossoms all summer long. SIGH.

Not that I’m bitter about it. I mean… my Heinz tomato plant was also an under-achiever. And my mom’s tomato plant (which is huge now) only sprouted two small tomatoes — which I didn’t even get to taste because… I had to turn them over to my mother. (She thought they were cute.)

Of course the obvious (and oblivious?) common denominator in my garden was: Me. Not much of a gardener, I suppose. Not that I’ll stop trying or anything. (I’m pretty good at growing green onions. They just keep growing and growing… no matter how many times I chop them down. Yay, green onions!)

Maybe next year I’ll have better luck. I’ve probably just been buying the wrong kind of dirt and/or fertilizer for the past two years, or something.

Anyway… Here are my pics and vids from this year’s Fall Festival. Enjoy!

Or just listen to this…

And, yes… it was a little gloomy that day. (Have I ever mentioned how much I *l-o-v-e* rain?)

Festival Entrance
Welcome! And, btw, if you’re wondering where all the people are… we went on the members-only preview weekend because we like to go when it’s less crowded.
It’s dino-mite!
Festival Yellow Brick Road
Festival - Volcano Slide
I feel the sky tumbling down…
Festival - Castle
Off to the castle…
Festival - Lunch Zone
What do you think? A little lunch and then some dancing…?
Festival - Western Town
I come in peace…
Festival - Hay Bale
You can do it!
Festival - Hay Ride Prep
Prepping for the hayride.
Festival - Pirate in Trees
Pay no attention to that dead pirate in the bushes.
Festival - -Friendly Pirate
It’s so good to make your acquaintance again. It feels like it’s been ages!
Festival - Ancient Egypt + Alien!
It’s right behind me, isn’t it?
Festival - Capricorny Goat
Capricorny Goat
Festival - Alien!
Take me to your leader… again.
Festival _ Apple Stand
Let’s sidle up to the cider barn for a swig.
Festival - Market
… and just like that, four hours later, it was time to pick out a pumpkin to take home to my new pet squirrel….

And now it’s time for a fall sing-along…

Your thoughts? Anyone, anyone....

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