Shaking things up a bit… Pt. 2

I have been working on numerous (many, many, many) home dec/DIY projects lately.

Have I already mentioned that my daughter’s bedroom is becoming very, very beachy? We have removed the old toddler-inspired tree decals from the walls and applied wallpaper to one corner, revamped the entire color scheme of the room, thrown out the flowers and brought in the seashells, etc. We still need to paint the remaining walls the color of “aquatic mist” and finish putting together her full-size bed, etc. But… moving right along!

Entrance to Beach Room

String of shell lights

Simultaneously, I am turning our guest room into a sunny, yet cozy coastal getaway for whomever may venture into town and want to stay a spell. I hope to have it completed before the summer is over. It will be cleverly appointed with luxurious accoutrements for guests who wish to enjoy such comfortable accommodations with us.

Also simultaneously, I have been making new blinds for all of the windows. It sounds more complicated than it is. It has merely required purchasing grassy beach mats and applying a custom fabric trim around the edges.

I have also painted our front door so it’s no longer a black hole. It now presents a seacoast cottage effect, but the color did not quite turn out to be the color I wanted it to be so I will be tinting the paint and reapplying a “topcoat”.

Additionally, I have spent time glamorizing the downstairs powder room with new hardware, paint and art.

There’s another project still looming before me which consists of re-theming the kitchen (adding textural wallpaper and painting the cabinets)… as well as emptying out the living room to get our vast array no-longer-needed items out the door… and making space for a small sofabed my sister is passing along to me (which I will be revamping/updating when I actually get it… which should be very soon).

Our entire house is a whirlwind of decorating activity.

Here are a few project pics:

Red Hook - Before - DIY
I bought this small hook rack at Tuesday Morning a couple of years ago. It’s been hanging near my front door with a dog-accessories (e.g., leash) basket dangling from its hooks. I never really liked the red though, so… time for a color change! The hooks were only connected to the wood by small screws — no glue — so it was really easy to take it apart for painting.
Blue Hook - After - DIY
I roughed up the edges with my sanding block after painting. You can see a smidge of the previous red color showing through here and there, but… that’s the charm of it, right? Meanwhile… I will probably also be toning down (i.e., painting) the metal hooks because they feel too dark and heavy to me. Hmm… Either way… I think this looks better than the original red now.

Behind the “new” blue hooks above, you may have noticed faux wood wallpaper. That’s new, too! I’m not quite done putting it up, but… here’s a preview:

Entry Wallpaper
In case you’re wondering why I would put that kind of wallpaper in my entryway, it’s because we are simplifying and recreating our entire home decor with a “coastal cottage glam” effect.

Next… here are two DIY revamps made to a couple of items found at our local Goodwill — purchased right after we delivered a donation around the back of the store.

Project #1:

Before - Room Hooks
As you can see… the decorative balls just twist off… so painting and replacing them was as easy as the metal hook project above. I took the “After” picture before I coated the painted balls with gloss Mod Podge. They shine now, unlike in the photo below.
After - Room Hooks
My daughter plans to use this in her beachy bedroom near the door to hang up her school backpack.
Paris Backpack
In case you’re wondering… I made this for her a couple years ago when she started 3rd grade. Before that, she used another backpack (which I made for her when she started Kindergarten). She still uses it for her dance classes.

Project #2:

Before and After - Shell Lamp Finial

Before and After - Shell Lamp
Please ignore that I started to paint the all-white lamp before I realized I should take a “Before” picture of it.

So… like I said… super busy… but… in a good way. 🙂

Happy summer!

Your thoughts? Anyone, anyone....

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