Shaking things up a bit… Pt. 1…

Well… it’s been summertime for a while now… and what have I been up to? Eh, nothing much, really. In addition to an “easier” commute to and from work (no school buses to wait behind)… I am enjoying warm sunny days.

Okay, fine. I’ve been as super-busy as usual. But I really am trying to enjoy the warm sunny days!

A couple of weeks ago, I attended a few Little League baseball games in support of one of my daughter’s friends. You may remember him from this post.

They hadn’t seen/heard/talked to each other in about six years… but we chanced upon his family dining in a local hamburger establishment one evening and the young man — Mr. Shy, but Cool — invited my daughter to watch him play baseball.

So… once my daughter’s dance-show days came to an end for the season…

On the way to perform at the last show of spring 2016.
Her selfie on the way to perform at the last dance show of spring 2016.

and the school year ended…

Last day of school, 2016
Last day of school, 2016

we finally made it to the baseball championships…

Batter up...
Batter up…

… just in time to see three final play-off games. Cool’s team won the first two… but didn’t cut it in the last game, and so their season ended. Oh, well. There’s always next year.

Want to know what I learned about baseball at those three games? I learned that I know a LOT more about baseball than I thought I did! I was able to explain the entire game and all the play-by-play action to my daughter quite easily. I quite impressed myself. I even jumped up and yelled, “woooooo!!!” when Cool’s team hit a home run with all bases loaded… twice!

(Side note: I don’t think I will ever be one of those fans who shouts, “Way to hustle” or “You got it 2-5” or “That’s the way to do it [player’s first and last name]” to all the miscellaneous players. But… I might dance on the sideline with pom-poms. Like in the good ole days. 😉 )

Moving on…

I’ve already told you about my garden… twice… so I will refrain… other than to say that a bunny ate some of my carrot tops… we now have purple dragonflies zipping around amongst the bees… and my mom’s Big Boy tomato is on the verge of turning from green to orange-ish. Still nothing going on with my Heinz tomato conglomerate, but there are LOTS of squash blossoms on my pumpkin plant, so… looking forward to… pumpkins!

And that’s not all!  Read Part 2….

Your thoughts? Anyone, anyone....

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