Making some progress in the garden: Everything is still growing…

Updated pics… in case you find the present state of my garden riveting. (See previous pics.)

My Garden - 7.4.16
L to R: Parsley sprout, hidden behind a hosta leaf; slightly-stronger-than-last-week Heinz Tomato plant; Green Onions; Carrots; and Mom’s Big Boy Tomato Plant with one tomato growing near the top.
Heinz Tomato & Green Onions
L to R: Closer look at Heinz Tomato plant (still struggling) and Green Onions… which, if you recall, were cut down near the dirt just two weeks ago. They can already be harvested again! (Side note: Need any green onions?)
Pumpkins & Potatoes
L to R: Pumpkins & Potatoes
Re-Potted Pumpkins
The pumpkins are feeling much better now that they’ve got room to sprawl!
Potatoes a'Plenty
The potatoes are probably fighting each other for space, however….
Sprig of Parsley
One little sprig of parsley. Better than no little sprig of parsley, I guess… But I think I’ll be adding some friends in there soon.
Patch of Clover
I left this little 1’x2′ patch of clover for the bees when I mowed the lawn. They seem to really like it… so I’m hoping they spread its magic all around. 🙂

Alternate views…

Clover Patch
Clover patch. (Yes, I need more mulch.)
Tomatoes, etc...
L to R: Carrots, Green Onions, Heinz Tomato plant, Sprig of Parsley… again.
Kitty on Guard
Kitty en garde!


Your thoughts? Anyone, anyone....

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