All we can do is try….

A couple weeks ago, my daughter and I selected various packets of seeds to plant this season… and then we set them aside because we wanted to plant them indoors first and we forgot to buy our garden soil. So… we finally got around to planting them this weekend… 🙂

Calliope the Pumpkin
Meet Calliope — the pumpkin that wasn’t.

We now have the following to look forward to: Carrots, Romaine Lettuce, White Onions, and Jack Be Little Pumpkins. Last year’s attempt at creating a huge crop of Jack-o-Lantern-sized pumpkins in time for Halloween did not fulfill its promise — we saw only blossoms, but nothing further… so we’re aiming a little (lot) lower this year, and starting much earlier.

Our green onions from last year are still thriving, so those are also in the garden. I get to continually re-harvest them every few weeks… but what I’d really like to try growing are leeks… however, I haven’t found seeds for those yet. I am assuming I will have to buy some full-grown leeks at the grocery store and replant the ends. I also decided not to plant radishes again or tomatoes this time… even though they are fun to grow. I may change my mind about that, though. Still thinking about it.

In addition to the veggies, I bought lavender seeds, since the lavender plant that once bloomed outside my door slowly faded away. And, just because I am that kind of girl, I also bought some herbs: “Parsley, Sage, Rosemary, and Thyme.” One’s garden must have a musical, romantic sense of humor, you know! Alas, I am usually not very good at maintaining herbs, but I have decided to give it a try one more time….

And, finally, we planted some flowers — both annuals and perennials. We’re hoping one of them climbs up our lamp post. The others are planted near the front door as a welcome to all the salesmen who approach our doorstep in hopes of redoing our windows, siding and roof (that were already updated in recent years).

All of which reminds me: I need to plant a “no solicitors” sign in the garden, too.

baby bunnies
Three little bunnies (approx. 5″ long)… made our back yard their home for a while…

Oh! I just remembered the potatoes. I need to get those going in my potato pot soon! And my mom gifted me a packet of Chive seeds for Easter, so those will have to fit in somewhere, too.

So, anyway… that’s our plan for the garden this year. I hope the new flowers bring more bees and butterflies to support all of our veggie-growing activity. We didn’t see many bees last year — lots of rabbits, though!

P.S. We forgot to plant the three bags of bulbs I bought a couple weeks ago. Oops! The good news is that I have plenty of room in the garden for them.

Below is a photo of some of our carrots from last year’s garden. We are trying a different variety this time, in hopes that they won’t grow as malformed as these did (which, of course, is my own fault for moving them around so much last summer… but I digress….).

I heart you
… secret garden message…

Hoping for only good things to come our way this year….

Your thoughts? Anyone, anyone....

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