Thanks a lot, Sis….

For our birthday each year (we’re twins, in case you didn’t know), my sister and I have been meeting up for breakfast and bringing each other a “token” gift so we’ll have something to unwrap before we eat. (We give each other “real” gifts later in the day.) On our most recent birthday — about a month ago — my sister gave me a used copy of a novel on CD. It was from 2012. Although I’d heard of it before, I hadn’t read it. It was called I’ve Got Your Number, by Sophie Kinsella. My sister simply told me that I would like it because, “It’s cute.”

I used to listen to books on tape (on satellite radio) in my car during my former hour-long commute years ago. Mostly ghost stories and mysteries. In recent years, my commute was reduced down to a 10- to 15-minute drive, so that listening habit dissipated. Now that my commute has increased to 40 minutes again, I was happy to receive the CDs to help me pass the time on the road. So in went the first CD… and I’ve listened to the story scene by scene, chapter by chapter, for the past week or so.

I swear I won’t give anything away in what I’m about to tell you… but ugh. It was about a woman and man (in the UK) who build a relationship by writing texts back and forth to each other… a lot. They only actually see each other a couple of times… but of course, they manage to change each other’s lives by their simple online discourse. And then it (the story) ends in the most crushingly romantic way possible. I actually had to put my hands over my eyes* while I was listening to the last scene because it was so agonizingly perfect I couldn’t take it.

My sister was right. It was cute. And funny. But… something about it also felt incredibly familiar and reflective of my life. (Except the way it ended, of course. You know, happily.)

So… anyway… as if that wasn’t torturous enough… I just turned on the 2005 movie version of Pride and Prejudice on cable. I figure, as long as I’m already romantically depressed for the day….



*Footnote: I wasn’t driving at the time. I was sitting on my bed at home, working at my laptop, listening to the book on CD while the snow was beginning to fall earlier this afternoon.


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