Once more, with feeling….

These songs came on the radio this evening between the time I dropped off my daughter at her dance class and I arrived at the grocery store to do some shopping. I hadn’t heard them in a while, but this thought occurred to me: These are exactly the type of songs any woman in her right mind would want a loving man to write for her*.

  • I totally cranked up the volume on this one (a guilty pleasure… sorry!). 🙂
  • I never miss a chance to hear him sing this to her.
  • And this one. A prelude of more to come… for example: true happiness.

Why would a woman want to a man to pen one of these for her? Because they are rife with sincere passion and reveal his admission — out loud for all the world to hear (and more particularly, her) — that he believes he is better with her than without her. And that he respects and honors her.

And then… there’s that unequivocal feeling and expression of his love, of course….

So now it’s up to you….

*Provided he’s not a raving lunatic.



Your thoughts? Anyone, anyone....

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