Ho-ho-ho… off to visit Santa we go…

Well… it’s a month later than we usually make our journey to the mall to see Santa (Nutcracker rehearsals and projects kept us ultra-busy this year)… but tomorrow is the day! He knows my daughter by name, without any prompting from his elves because, obviously, he is the real Santa. I suppose it doesn’t hurt that she’s been giving him a small gift every year, for years. (It was her own idea.)

Giving a gift to Santa
Giving a gift to Santa in 2012

I haven’t asked him for anything for myself in a very, very long time. But… this year, I am thinking of asking for something in particular. Wanna take a guess?

There’s a Christmas song I could link
here, but it would give it away.

So, instead, you get this….


AFTERNOON UPDATE: So… we did go to see Santa today, but… he wasn’t there. An elf was filling in for him. It was a little bit of a let-down, but… he still had a little magic in him. He guessed what my daughter’s dog’s name is, without any hints (it’s not a standard name, so he had to have gotten the info from the real Santa). Needless to say, I kept my wish to myself. Perhaps Santa was away working on it for me already since he knows everything anyway. 🙂


P.S. My daughter opted not to give Santa’s gift to the elf. She will leave it by the tree on Christmas Eve instead.

P.P.S. True magic is irreplaceable. No one can take the place of someone you love and believe in.

Ode to magic….

Your thoughts? Anyone, anyone....

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