I was looking for a job…

… and then I found a job.

The first week in a new place always takes some getting used to, I guess.

For instance, in my first two days, I haven’t gotten to take a break for lunch due to training sessions, on- and off-site meet-and-greets, and multiple forms to fill out. (I still have more forms and more training to complete in the next two days….)

Mid-afternoon yesterday, I found half a bag of stale Doritos in my purse and ate many of them out of desperation. Plus one mini chocolate donut from a late-day training session.

Now I just need a desk chair with arms to lean on. And a desk to call my own. And a coffee cup. And some sort of regular schedule.



Next up: 2 nights of Nutcracker rehearsals, then the final show of the season. Then, maybe I will finally have time to start shopping for presents….

Your thoughts? Anyone, anyone....

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