A Cat Tale…

KittyKITTY, somewhere in the house, from afar: Mew. Mew. Mewww.

ME: Kitty, it is too cold and rainy out for me to open the window for you. Why don’t you go sit on your stool by the front door?

KITTY, softly yet urgently: Mew. Mew. Mewww.

ME, checking on my tater tots in the toaster oven: Okay, Kitty. What do you need?


ME, realizing I haven’t seen her anywhere in several minutes, which is very unlike her: Wait a second… where are you?

Kitty is silent. I check on my tater tots again.


ME: Kitty, I just opened up a fresh can of food for you. Go get it.

KITTY, continuing to mew her replies, but more coherently now: I cannot eat it, as I am trapped.

ME: Kitty, are you trapped somewhere?

KITTY: Yes. That is practically what I just told you.

ME: Kitty? Where are you? What do you need?

Kitty is silent. I remove my tater tots from the oven, salt and pepper them, add ketchup, return to what I was originally doing at my computer and begin to eat. In the distance, I hear the gentle jingle of a bell on a cat collar.

KITTY, very softly: Mew.

ME, arising from my desk chair to search the house: Kitty? Kitty? Where are you?

I walk upstairs to check my bedroom. Kitty is not there. I check my daughter’s bedroom. Kitty is not there. I check the upstairs bathroom. Kitty is not there.

ME: Kitty, please jingle again.

Kitty is silent. I stand still awaiting her next mew. It is muffled and I cannot tell from which direction it is coming. I check all of the upstairs rooms again before heading downstairs.

ME: Kitty, are you stuck in something? Did you really get trapped somewhere???

KITTY: Yes, and I… I… I may only have mere moments left.

I check the downstairs bathroom cabinet.

KITTY: No. I… I am not there… and I can no longer lead you to my present location, as you have passed me by several times now and my access to fresh air is waning. All I can tell you in my last moments is that I seem to be inside of some sort of containment device. I can see out of it, but cannot escape its walls. I fear my time here on Earth is coming to an end. Please tell the little one I sleep on top of sometimes that I will miss her warmth and placing my cold nose against her cheek. If only I could feel the cold, wet rain again upon my own cheek….

ME, turning to the dog in the living room: Muncie, have you seen Kitty?

Muncie is too busy chomping on a chewy treat to respond.

ME: Kitty… where are you? Please make a sound.

At last, I hear a tiny mew. I walk into the kitchen, looking around shelves and cabinets, and finally see a small black moving object inside the drawer of a large plastic rolling cart.

ME: Kitty!!!

I open the drawer, snuggle her into my arms and she purrs her unending gratitude for freedom….


Kitty Curled Up2Here’s how it happened: Moments earlier, I had arrived home after shopping at the grocery store, where I had bought some snacks for my daughter. A few days ago, I had emptied out both drawers of the rolling cart as part of my effort to reorganize my kitchen. But I needed a temporary, yet convenient, place to put all of the snacks I’d just bought… so I opened up the top drawer of the cart and put them in there. Meanwhile, unbeknownst to me, Kitty had jumped inside the lower drawer. I shut the top one and she was instantly trapped for about fifteen minutes.

Poor Kitty.

She is currently sleeping next to me on my desk in her furry cat cozy under the soft glow of a warm lamp. 🙂

“Rodrigo, Rodrigo… save me!”





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