So close, and yet, so far…


We’re nearing the end. I think.

Thanksgiving week has arrived, which means that we (the Ballet Company) will finally be performing our Nutcracker this weekend. But wait… there’s more! We still have the additional show on December 5 with the live orchestra. That particular performance is being directed by this guy — the one in front (“Riff”), wearing brown pants, a red vest and short-sleeved (rolled up) white shirt. My daughter is afraid of him because he’s mildly famous… and because he almost stepped on her in rehearsal. You see, he is not only the director, he is also playing the Nutcracker/Prince in the show; she is a Mouse who sneaks around the floor at his feet. It has suddenly become a dangerous production.

Isn’t it enchanting?

Your thoughts? Anyone, anyone....

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