Ongoing and upcoming activities….

So, I haven’t mentioned The Nutcracker lately. Are you relieved? (Ha.) There actually hasn’t been much of a story to tell in the past few weeks of rehearsals. Yes, Mr. Tembo has been up to his usual antics. Yes, Mr. Lee has been trying to make me crack up during the “big freeze” portion of our scene, and thereafter face the wrath of the artistic director. And, yes, my dance partner has been his ever-jovial self, whispering “Watermelon” to me every once in a while, as if we’re deep in conversation.

To be honest, my mind has been engaged elsewhere… yet a related elsewhere. I have spent my hours (it feels like endlessly) designing the Nutcracker T-shirt, show program booklet and some other promotional materials. (And, in between all of that, I created my daughter’s Halloween costume and altered two show costumes.) Yesterday, I was finally able to turn in everything to the various printers to be produced. Now I can just sit back, relax… and enjoy the season… I think.

FSO-FBPerformanceAdBut I have failed to mention one more “interesting” item: This year, we have been invited to perform our full-length Nutcracker at an additional local venue, with a live orchestra, on December 5. (Our regular show is Thanksgiving weekend, the week before.) This new performance is a one-show-only event… at 8pm, if you’re interested. Some award-winning dancing man from Broadway has been coordinating these efforts between the Ballet and the Orchestra (which itself hasn’t performed Tchaikovsky’s Nutcracker in twenty years), so we’ll see how it goes….

The auditorium is about four (or five?) times larger than the one we usually perform in, an actual “Center for the Arts Concert Hall” performance venue, which seats about 2,000 people. Will any of those 2,000 people show up? I don’t know… but the directors seem to think it will sell out.

One of the new dancing parents amongst our group is envisioning us looking like a “hot mess” on the stage… since we will have only one rehearsal opportunity to revise our dance steps to coordinate with the symphony orchestra’s tempos and variations. Not to mention… the stage is HUGE, compared to the space we usually work in. We will do our best, of course. And, I’m sure the professional dancers in our production will consider this just another show — on the scale of stage they’re used to. Either way, I suppose it will be fun…. I think.

I think.

A random thinking song.

Your thoughts? Anyone, anyone....

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