“I can dance if I want to…”

This week, my daughter was given an assignment by her teacher to write a personal narrative. These were her story ideas. (She gave me permission to share them.)

Story Ideas

In case you can’t read her handwriting/spelling:

A New Pet: I was so excited when I got my new dog. (Technically, he’s an old dog.)
Best Day or Worst Day: When I was born. (<<I high-fived her for this! I am hoping she thought it was the BEST day.)
A Time You Learned Something New: I was really paying attention. (Ya think?!)
A Birthday Party: Yesterday my dad picked me up and we went to American Girl.
First Day of School: I was so excited and nervous.
A Vacation/Place You Visited: Every Sunday I went to my grandparents’ house.
A Scary Moment: When I found out someone died.
Family Memory: I would sing the songs over and over again! 😛
Most Embarrassing Moment: When my mom dances in the store. (Hey!!! LOL. It reminds me of this previous post (see the entry for “Age 3”)….)

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