Dancing the night away…

Sort of. Here’s a little recap of my first rehearsal for this year’s production of The Nutcracker last week.

The evening’s session began with the assistant artistic director pairing up the men with the women to be dance partners — and I totally wasn’t listening to what she was saying, since I had been chatting with another woman about costumes or shoes or men or something. Suddenly, I looked around the room and noticed everyone was coupled up, at which point I blurted out, “I just totally missed who my partner is. Anyone? Anyone?”

My partner from last year, who had seemingly disappeared behind a gathering of other dance couples, looked over at me and confessed in a dull voice, “Just come over here. You’re with me again.”

“I am?” I said. (Semi-related song reference.)

“Yes. Just come here,” he told me, clearly ready to get the show on the road.

So I went over and hugged him hello, and apologized for anything annoying I would probably be saying or doing to drive him crazy again this season. He said my apology was unnecessary, but I didn’t believe him… because I know for a fact that I drive people crazy. Mainly men.


The artistic director began to lead the group through the dance steps we have all forgotten since last year’s performance. At that point, my partner stepped on my toe and, when I softly exclaimed, “Ow,” he assured me, “Don’t worry. It’ll only happen a few hundred more times.”

So the evening and the dance steps went on and finally the artistic director turned on the music… at which point I looked my dance partner straight in the eye. Big mistake. He burst out laughing.

“I didn’t even do anything that time!” I fussed at him, laughing.

“Neither did I!” he told me. But it just made us laugh that much more. We clearly cannot handle dancing together.

By the way, this is one of the reasons I avoid looking people directly in the eye in normal life. I don’t like the idea of people (in general) digging around in the depths of my soul.


That about sums up the interactions of the evening. We managed to rehearse and remember both of our dances, and to practice a few steps with the newcomers so they could catch up on learning the choreography.

Now I’m just hoping I make it through another season of rehearsals… and can find a pretty new costume to wear… and don’t slip or fall down on stage… and that my partner doesn’t make me laugh hysterically backstage like he did last year. (The Nutcracker is not supposed to be a comedy. Is it???)

Oh, well.

In other news… my daughter will be performing a new role this year. She has been one of Mother Ginger’s daughters for two years. This year, she is a Mouse and will also perform the Chinese Tea dance… which means she is now in both Act I and Act II. Very exciting.

Totally random song choice….



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