Walking like an Egyptian…

Mike & Carol Brady as Marc Anthony & Cleopatra
Mike & Carol Brady as “Antony & Cleopatra”

So… the after-school program my daughter attends is studying world cultures this year. “Global Adventures” is their annual theme. In celebration of it, the group leader has asked her to model Egyptian-wear in the “Pharoah’s Fashion Show” at an upcoming event. Lucky for my daughter, I used to dream of being Cleopatra when I was her age. Yep. I thought she was interestingly alluring… and that she had a cool, handsome boyfriend with a Romantic name. Yyyep. Crazy, huh?

In fact, “The Great Earring Caper”, that episode of The Brady Bunch where Cindy loses Carol’s costume earrings, was always my favorite. It had elements of history, mystery and romance all in one. 🙂

I even did a report on the pyramids in high school. (I argued that aliens built them. I may have been slightly influenced by my adoration for Starbuck (Dirk Benedict) on the original Battlestar Galactica. Remember the costumes and helmets they wore that looked like the Sphinx?) And I have often teased my daughter that if she had been a boy, I would’ve named her Cleo. (She’s thankful she’s a girl.)

A friend of mine even commented once (years ago) on the way I applied my eyeliner. He thought it made me look like Cleopatra.


Anyway… I guess I now need to scrounge up some “Egyptian-wear” to be modeled by my daughter. Hmm

I know I have a necklace around here somewhere that spells out my name in hieroglyphs…

No this link does not lead to the song that matches
the title of this post… because I never liked it….

P.S. No jokes, please, about me being the Queen of Denial….


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