Ooh, rain….

I don’t understand men who don’t walk in the rain. I don’t mean to generalize. It’s just something I noticed the other day.

A man in my office saw that the weather was gloomy outside and called it a “downpour”. He then chose to exit the building via the covered walkway. But when I walked outside onto the uncovered, tree- and grass-lined walkway, it was just misting. Yes, it was enough to make my clothes and hair damp by the time I got to my car, but….

By the time I arrived at my daughter’s school to pick her up to go home, the rain was coming down a little harder, but still nothing to complain about. Meanwhile, dads were running in and out of the school all around me to avoid the “storm”. The moms, on the other hand, were staying in their cars, presumably waiting for a break in the weather before making their trek inside to claim their kids. (Okay, I don’t understand women either.)


I, instead, walked casually inside to gather my daughter. She grabbed my hand on the way back out and, noticing the rain coming down, looked up at me, “Wanna make a run for it?”

“Nope,” I told her and laughed.

Silent pause.

“Wanna make a slow for it?” she then asked.



We continued walking together to the car with our faces held up to the sky, smiling.

Anyway… it’s just a little water, isn’t it?

Someone out there is
thinking of this song….

But there are so many others.

Like this, for example…


Your thoughts? Anyone, anyone....

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