Help me choose, please…

house - front
Please ignore the ghosts looking out the windows… and the other random things in the yard.

… by suggesting a color.

I need/want to change the color of my front door. Currently, it resembles a cold, black vortex of doom. And it’s not even Halloween yet! 😐

A little backstory: When I bought the house, the siding was a dull, drab (old) shade of yellow with half-broken brick-red shutters and a matching brick-red door. I replaced the siding with the color “Rye” by Market Square,  updated the shutters to black and painted the front door black*… as you can sort of see here. (By the way, I am going to add something to my windows to make them look multi-paned, so… please try to imagine them that way.)

Now… keeping in mind that my next-door neighbor has a bright red front door, I am thinking of using one of these non-clashing colors for mine: cranberry; a subdued, greener shade of “rye”; or dark greenish gray. Please see pics below (found around the web) for what these colors may look like (my door style is similar to the third photo below)… and then share your preference in my totally anonymous survey, please! 🙂


*Song reference…

Your thoughts? Anyone, anyone....

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