And now, this….

In case you’ve been sitting on the edge of your seat for weeks waiting to hear how things turned out…. Today, I thought I would update you on the random comings and goings I’ve written about previously, with regards to my neighborhood and office.

But first… I will share something else — a preview of a 5-episode BBC series called Secrets of the Castle, which I’ve been watching this week. I thought you might also be inclined to watch it if, like me, you have a thing for history, archaeology, science, geometry, decorating, cooking, gardening… and Englishmen in medievalwear. 😉

Now… back to my local, modern-day news….

  1. Remember the family in the green house? Well, they have moved out. At the end of spring, the husband received a visit from some police officers and was handed some (presumed) divorce papers. This was witnessed by my “Bus Stop Buddy” (BSB), who lived across the street from them. The wife and daughter of the green house were not home at the time (I don’t know about the dog)… and now all of them have moved on. The house was cleaned out and sold over the summer… and the new residents have been fixing up the interior daily for a couple of weeks. They’ve also replaced the windows. I’m hoping they replace the green shutters, too.
  2. Did you notice that I said my BSB lived (past tense) across the street from the green house people? Well, he has also moved out of his house (and, therefore, the neighborhood) due to domestic issues (“different parenting styles”). If you’re wondering if I ever called him back… I did not. (Of course not!) If you’re wondering if he ever called me a second time… he did not (as far as I know). And if you’re wondering if I have seen him since that day at the grocery store… I have not. But… I suppose I will be seeing him “every other Monday at the bus stop”, since that is what he had told me his schedule would be with his daughter, once school began again… which it has. If you’re wondering if I’m looking forward to that… I am not.
  3. Remember the Cafe Man and Mountain Man at my office? They’re gone, too. Well, at least one of them is. I haven’t seen Cafe Man since last fall. I don’t know if he left of his own accord or was asked to leave, but he is gone. As for Mountain Man, I have never seen him again… or, if I have, I didn’t recognize him. We work in an expansive building, divided into six floors labeled “East” and “West”, and then broken down further into “North” and “South”. Everyone tends to stay in their own little quadrant on a daily basis, other than getting food downstairs in the cafe, so… I never see anyone ever again… and there’s really no time to memorize all the many faces unless I have a meeting with them… and I typically do not. So I just smile and say hello to all. And then move on.
  4. Oh, yeah. Almost forgot. Remember my other neighbor, the one who hugged me unexpectedly and way too long? He’s still around… and still trying to put his arms around me. He’s always telling me to smile and that I’m beautiful… and he has taken a couple of pictures of me on his phone. [help] He found out I attended school in Pittsburgh and told me he used to work as a chef in one of the hotels downtown. He wants to hear all about my time there… while he makes me breakfast… or dinner. Or both. [which I, of course, repeatedly refuse… but… help] He also asked me if I needed any firearm protection, as he has two guns at home. The good news is he doesn’t visit as often as he used to… and he has been helpful in fixing a post for my fence and tightening the bolt on my back gate. He also said he’d build me a little ramp for my dog to step out of the back door more easily since he’s got aging joints. Nice, huh? [Umm, but… where is my real knight in shining armor when I need him? Oh, that’s right… he’s at the castle…. Ahem: helpeth me!]

Well, I think that sums up everything for the time being. My next post may (or may not, depending on my mood) include previously un-shared “secrets” about other things that have been happening this year.

Stay tuned….

Your thoughts? Anyone, anyone....

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