I can’t give you anything but love, baby….

As summer’s end draws ever nearer… (and I become ever more dramatic in preparation for my favorite season, fall…) my daughter has been enjoying adventures on the farm this week. This was her third year attending this particular summer camp and it’s the one she most looks forward to each year. They bake, they make crafts, they shop in the old country store, they milk goats, they pet pigs and calves and horses… and they get fresh air. 🙂

CowsEvery morning when I dropped her off, she would snuggle into my arms and we would just stand there holding onto each other, in part because we were so sleepy. She would always tell me she wished I could stay and share the day with her. So sweet. Meanwhile, other parents around us would be drop-kicking their kids toward the camp counselor and dashing away, coming and going with a fairly emotionless “see ya later”.

But I would stand there, not ready to let go, thinking about how we were all probably a good ten minutes late for work already by the time we arrived at the camp… and how I didn’t mind how much later I would be, because I knew how quiet it was at my office with others there taking their remaining summer days off before school starts. And I thought about how warm and cozy my daughter felt in my arms, and how big she is getting (but she’s still tiny)… and how bright the sun was, and how cool the breeze was… and how perfect the day was… and how lucky we are to have moments like these together every morning.

And then, this morning, she looked up at me, darting her glance from one of my eyes to the next at close range — seeing how green they look in the sunlight — and told me, “You’re so sparkly and pretty.” And I really did wish I could stay to enjoy the day with her, but… I knew that the whole reason she was at camp at all was because I go to work every day…. So we said “See ya later,” and she waited for me to get in the car and drive out of the lot and wave good-bye to her again before she began to play with her camp friends….

And I started looking forward to getting a cup of hot coffee at my office….

Farm Camp Pics

Pig, EatingPigsSheepFriendsTurkeyCowGoatPeahenPeacockJesse the WorkhorseHoofprintsBlack DucksChickensBlack Cow

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