Summer garden update… update….

Just in case you read my previous gardening post, I thought you might like to know that I did go back to the store to buy more mulch and I did clean out the remaining patch of my (not wicked, but) weedy garden.

It now looks like this:

Garden Update
A little empty, but… Yay!

I also have these to share:

Little Roma Hanging on
My last little Roma is still hanging on… and getting bigger.
Bunny in a Pot
Bunny in a flower pot… you know, you know it’s not serious…. 😉
Ready-to-eat onions
I’m thinking my green onions are about ready to be sprinkled on a baked potato or nachos or a salad….
tomato buds
I’m not sure if these are the Purple Cherokee tomatoes or…
tomato bud
… the Red Siberian ones, but… either way, they’re both finally growing!
Carrots... still growing
My carrots have recuperated from their transplant… yay! (And there’s another little bunny in a pot.)
Pumpkin blossom
Last but not least… ladies and gentleman… we have the beginnings of a jack-o-lantern pumpkin crop!!! 😀


Your thoughts? Anyone, anyone....

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