My summer garden, before and after….

What else happens when you have a large shady tree for years and it suddenly goes away? You get weeds in your garden. Weeds you’ve never ever seen in your yard before. With random species of bugs attached to them. 😐

…. But… if you’re lucky, you finally get a weekend to yourself to clean it all up. And so I did. 🙂


Here’s what I started with — weeds galore. My entire garden looked like this. (This patch still does look like this, because… I ran out of mulch… and energy. So… I will take care of it next weekend.)

Garden full of weeds
There are three varieties of hostas hidden in there, along with the remaining leaves of my hyacinths that bloomed this spring… and the Pinterest-inspired glass birdbath I glued together several months ago… and the huge hydrangea bush, which failed to bloom this season due to having been crushed under the weight of a large fallen tree limb.


Hours after a lot of lawn mowing, weed pulling, grass killing, bug chasing, garden fabric laying, cat meowing, dog walking, and black mulch mulching… VOILA!

Pretty garden, cleaned up

Pretty garden, cleaned up
This layout is temporary… pending similar grooming of the back yard. (Growing vegetables in my front yard feels a little awkward.)
Thirsty carrots
Here are my thirsty carrots. I’m crossing my fingers they hang in there, ’cause when I thinned them out a couple weekends ago, they were looking adorable (and tasty)….
Green onions
And here are my little green onions…
One lone Roma
And one little lone Roma tomato… will she be the last of the season?
Hopeful pumpkins 1
Halloween pumpkins, moving right along…
Hopeful pumpkins 2
More pumpkins! I bought the trellises to hold the pumpkins once they appear…. wishful (hopeful) thinking!
Spidey 1
This itsy bitsy spider set up shop overnight….
Spidey 2
… but why have just one spider in the garden when you can have two?

Anybody want a pet spider??? (Please….)

The earth becomes our pillow
 Knee-deep in buttercups we lie
 You are my door, my window
 to the curve of the purple sky...
 And I'm taking it all in for a while.

-"Firefly", Gunga Din
(local rock band)
©1993 Infamy Records


Your thoughts? Anyone, anyone....

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