Hmm, this does not bode well…

… for the rest of the week. I arose this morning out of a deep slumber only to gaze into a bleak Monday sky… with this song running through my head.

Such are the undertones of my life… which is kind of funny, since the past few days have actually been quite sunny and active. There’s no escaping the recesses of my mind, I suppose.

In other news… the weekend was filled with puppies and kittens at an event sponsored by the animal shelter I volunteer with… a little bit of treasure shopping… laundry and gardening. There is even more gardening in my future, as I still need to de-weed my plantings and spread some new mulch (my daughter selected black). We have carrots and green onions, radishes, potatoes, Roma tomatoes and pumpkins — big ones! — growing this year. So exciting.

In fact, I have recently been envisioning myself living on a little farm-like homestead. Not the kind where I would be planting massive crops for profit… but the kind that has a pleasantly appointed home with a suitably sized kitchen garden. In the yard, there would be just enough room for a little goat I shall call Henry… two little pigs my daughter has named Bubblegum and Strawberry… she also wants a horse, but hasn’t named him yet… lots of room for our dog Muncie Bear to roam… and a screened porch for Kitty to enjoy. Near the seaside, of course. With a kind, funny, smart and handsome semi-farmin’ man who helps us build and fix things…. 😉

Anyway, my daughter and I both really do want to move somewhere… soon. So, who knows. What happiness will the future bring to us?

… Mayhaps this song holds the key….



Your thoughts? Anyone, anyone....

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