On returning….

So… last Friday, I happened to venture downstairs to the cafe in my office after a long all-employee meeting that had occurred during the entire lunch hour (East Coast time). The cafe was deserted by then… except for me and one other latecomer.

We both approached the only available food — bags of chips. She took hers and went to get a drink from one of the various refrigerators. I pondered my options for a moment, grabbed a bag for myself (BBQ potato chips) and then considered the row of cold bottles of Coke in the refrigerator across the room. I decided not to take one, though, because… I already had an iced coffee upstairs at my desk… and… you never know whose name you’re going to get on your Coke.

So…. I headed straight for the cashier where the other woman was now rummaging through her wallet for coins. Unlike me, she had grabbed a Coke from the fridge. No name was showing. Maybe these Cokes were nameless after all?


Whilst awaiting the woman’s assemblage of pennies, the cashier — for some reason unknown to mankind — reached for her Coke bottle and spun it around.

Suddenly a name was facing me. Guess who…..

(Nice to know my Ghost is still alive and well….)

So, yes. In case you were wondering….

Still haunted.


Your thoughts? Anyone, anyone....

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