“Every drink is like a sundae….”

… so my daughter expressed, as we waited for the barista to complete our frappuccino orders (her: Vanilla Bean; me: Java Chip). It took me half a millisecond to break into song, quietly repeating the line back to her, applying the appropriate tune, “Every drink is liiike a’sundae….”

… to which she immediately replied in a sweet, sassy, sarcastic voice, “Please stop singing, Mommy. You’re so embarrassing.”


Venti Java ChipOh, well. At least my frappuccino was free, thanks to my Starbucks Gold Membership 12-star accumulation… which explains why the barista handed me a venti, rather than my usual smaller (and, therefore, less guilt-inducing) drink. This thing is huge!!! I will never finish it in one day.

But… I will happily share with you that when I picked up my daughter from summer camp, she mentioned that her counselor had told her, “You and your mom are adorable… and she looks really young!”

So… I guess today’s been a pretty good day….

Wanna sing with me?

“Treading lightly over new tile
in a Starbucks that was just remodeled….”


Your thoughts? Anyone, anyone....

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