Oops, I did it again….

So… my daughter decided she needed dessert last night. We took an evening drive over to the local grocery store so she could pick out some Popsicles (lemon, orange, lime). Strolling down an aisle, we bumped into her school principal and chatted for a moment. Strolling down another aisle, we passed by my bus stop buddy, who was checking out some steaks. I hadn’t seen him in about a month, since school ended. I walked on by, waving my hello and good-bye at once.

He found us in the frozen food aisle a minute or two later, “So something I haven’t gotten to tell you yet is that my wife and I just separated… so I’m going to need your digits.”

My brain silently said, “Wha?” and banged itself upon one of the frozen glass doors. My mouth said, “Oh, it’s…. ###-###-####.”

We chatted for a few minutes about his new situation. He seems to be enjoying his single life. I told him, “Yes, not constantly arguing with someone has its benefits.”

By the time I got home, he had already called me. It was fairly benign, saying that he didn’t want to lose touch and letting me know he’d be seeing me at the bus stop every other Monday next school year. He ended with, “Call me if there’s anything I can do for you.”

[Insert an image of me shaking my head at my lot in life.]

I should’ve known better….





Your thoughts? Anyone, anyone....

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