Backyard DIY – it’s all an illusion…

2 faux koi fishWhat do you think? Does this somewhat convincingly resemble two fish swimming in a pond? It’s my latest craft project (still a work in progress…) as in: I have bought the supplies, but have not yet put any of them together.

Currently, my yard has no design scheme at all, other than collecting weeds. But this summer, I’ve decided to change that, once and for all, by creating this little faux pond!

Faux fish pond suppliesI would like to incorporate a water feature (in addition to a fountain), but I know myself well enough to realize that the upkeep of a water feature is not something I will want to… umm… upkeep. So… Plan B: fake it. Granted, I’m not a big fan of fish… but the thought of incorporating a fake pond and/or stream without any (real or fake) lifeforms in it didn’t feel right.

So… I bought a few bags of glass beads in Fishy Shapesshades of blue, green and clear watery tones, in various sizes. The orange circles are jar opener grippy pads and I bought two clear glass kitchen cutting boards that may also be transformed into other portions of the pond. The supplies cost about $12 total, from Dollar Tree and Walmart.

Turquoise plateI printed out a fish image I found online. I resized and reshaped it a little with a Sharpie before I traced it onto the orange material.

For a base, I also found this blue plate at the dollar store. Isn’t that special? (Get it?) 😉

I plan to surround the “pond” with river rocks. I’ll update this post with a photo of the final outcome if/when I finish it!

Close your eyes…


Your thoughts? Anyone, anyone....

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