And now it’s time for ‘Monster Chiller Horror Theatre’…. Ooh, scary.

Anyone else like watching old, classic black-and-white mystery/thriller/horror movies and TV shows? I’ve been catching up on my Agatha Christie, Alfred Hitchcock and Sherlock Holmes episodes lately.

Here’s one for you, if you’re so inclined: Sherlock Holmes — House of Fear

Basil Rathbone as Sherlock Holmes
“Elementary, my dear Watson. Each is worth a great deal more dead than alive.”

Oh, Basil. You slay me.




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  1. ME (It stands for “Memorable Entertainment”) TV is on most basic cable and satellite slates. They broadcast Naked City, Route 66, Alfred Hitchcock Presents, Thriller, Peter Gunn, Mr. Lucky, and a weekly creature feature hosted by an old-style horror host who calls himself Svengoolie.

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  2. You can see these kinds of pictures and shows on ME TV, TCM, and YouTube, as well as getting them on DVD from your Public Library. I adore them too.

    I liked hearing that reference from SCTV as well.


    1. Cath says:

      Thanks for reading… and thanks for the tip. I do catch a lot on TCM and YouTube. Your Me TV reference was new to me. I’ll take a look…. 😉


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