“Tree pose”… and a dream….

What happens when the tree you have posed in front of for years… disappears? Nothing out of the ordinary, I guess.

Last weekend, we were on the way to dress rehearsal for the spring ballet show (Alice in Wonderland) when I told my daughter, “Let’s go take a picture outside.” She immediately headed for the tree… because that is her photo-taking spot! SIGH.

photo pose

We need a new tree. 😦

In other news….

The “Jazz, Tap and Modern Revue” is coming up very soon. Parents were invited to watch an in-class rehearsal this week. This is something my daughter had to think about before allowing me to attend. Previously, she told me not to watch because she knows that: 1) this song makes me cry; 2) watching my baby dance makes me cry; and 3) watching my baby dance to this song makes me cry!


It may be of interest to you to know that I did not cry during the rehearsal.

But just wait till she’s on stage….

Your thoughts? Anyone, anyone....

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