Not quite what I meant to say….

So I was chatting with my BFF over email today and mentioned to her the time I found myself in an impromptu, inappropriate clinch with my dance partner (“show husband”) backstage at The Nutcracker last year. She wrote back wanting all the details I’d been holding out on her.

But, you see, there were none.

She went on to explain that, to her, the word “clinch” means: “a mad-desire-driven embrace with passionate kissing. It is unavoidable because of a mutual, magnetic attraction.

Umm… yeah. That was not the situation I was in at all. But it made me laugh.

I wrote back to her explaining that the kind of clinch I had actually been in was: “an I-don’t-mind-you-standing-millimeters-away-from-me-in-a-time-of-crisis moment. There was no gazing into each other’s eyes… though our bodies did get smashed up against each other. And it only lasted .25 seconds.”

Yes, the decimal point is in the right place.

And… yes, it might have actually been .5 seconds. And… yes, he may or may not have looked at me funny at the time….

Dear BFF,
Thank you for believing in my ability to attract a man who would be
willing to engage with me in the type of activity to which you
referred above. :-)

Speaking of “desire”…
I saw these guys in concert
at the Syria Mosque in Pittsburgh
with my college roommate Cheryl.
They slid down big slides on their knees.
I am sorry to say that it made us laugh.
But I did like this song.

Of course, this one was better.
“If a little bit of heartache never hurt anyone,
how come I’m crying over you?”


Your thoughts? Anyone, anyone....

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