The fortune and misfortune of accidental entanglements….

First, the misfortune: I’ve been involved in three car accidents since December. Yep, three.

Car accident
This hole in the back of my car cost $5,000 to repair. 😐

After the first one, I kinda sensed the second and third ones were coming, so I held off before getting any repairs done. And, good thing… ’cause the third one was the worst! And… just for the record… only the first one was my fault. It happened in a parking lot on a dark night… and my car door was the only thing damaged. The second (February) and third (April) accidents occurred when traffic was stopped at a red light, which the drivers behind me failed to notice.

Where is my automobile?….

Now, the fortune: It’s kinda fun test-driving alternate vehicles by way of rental-car rentals! And I have decided that renting a car is kinda like meeting someone new. You look them over… see if there are any obvious problems that you should make note of for future reference… or determine, “Hmm… looks pretty good.” Then the real fun begins. You get to settle in behind the wheel… see if it fits; figure out where all the buttons are for you to push. Turn on the music and either love or hate all the preset channels. Adjust the seat till you feel you’re in your comfort zone… test out the pressure you must apply to start and stop your progress… check out the view from the mirrors to see things from all angles… and get an overall feel to decide whether or not you’d ever want to see it and/or experience it again.

For instance… I have been driving a black Toyota Camry since Monday (the accident happened last Wednesday, 4/15). I got to choose between this car and a Kia. I chose the Toyota because my own car is a Toyota and I figured I’d be used to the way it drives. But as it turns out, this car is not very “me” at all. Sure, it’s got fun bells and whistles like touchscreen displays. The driver’s seat totally fits me… and it’s a smooth ride. On the other hand… the radio is a bit tricky to operate, which is quite disappointing. I’m sure I’d get used to it if given more time, but… anything that takes me that long to get used to and is already causing me music-listening issues…. Well, hmm…. Last but not least: no moon roof. What? How am I to admire the stars???

Anyway… to sum up: Even if something looks good, feels familiar, has new, interesting features and all the right working parts, it can be totally wrong for you. So shop wisely. Something a bit worn in (say, with dead pine needles and fall leaves crushed into the carpets and a chocolate milkshake spilled on the back seat) could be your perfect match.

So… when you find the one that fits you comfortably, knows where you’re going and is ready to help you get there… doesn’t mind if you mess it up from time to time… and offers everything you really want and need… hang onto it. 😉

Oh! And drive safely, too!

Here in my car, I feel safest of all….

Your thoughts? Anyone, anyone....

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