Yes, I will accept you and your music….

Over the weekend, I hopped in the car and began my usual drive to my parents’ house. Out of seemingly nowhere, the radio DJ said, “I think it’s about time all the K/Cathleens had a song dedicated to them.”

YEA!!! (I was just thinking the exact same thing… ha.)

Without further explanation, he proceeded to play a song… the lyrics of which said nothing at all about any K/Cathleens. But I liked it anyway… and realized I’d heard it before but hadn’t paid much attention to it.

Upon arriving at the house, I unsuccessfully Googled the song — and looked it up on radio station’s play list — to see if I could figure out if the DJ was just randomly dedicating the song to “me”… or if there was a more specific reason.

I found nothing but references to the olde Irish tune me mum likes to remind me of: “I’ll Take You Home Again, Kathleen”.

That definitely was not the right song. SIGH. I gave up.

Then, this morning, the same radio station was interviewing the fast-talking lead singer of a UK band whose name I missed, having come into the conversation midway through. The band member’s views on life were promising. He admires the Beatles. (Check.) Wants to be as successful as Oasis. (Check.) Values life, love and family. (Check.) And is proud of his little hometown. (Check.)

I find these to be excellent qualities in a young rock star. 🙂

After about ten minutes, the DJ (Elliot) wrapped up the chat stating a few of the band’s upcoming dates and venues… and then he played the last song off their CD, The Balcony: “Tyrants“. I thought it was an interesting song, so I looked it up… and discovered it was by a band called “Catfish and the Bottlemen.” (Oh! That’s who that band is. I’d actually heard of them before, but….)

Now, the interesting thing about “Catfish” is that someone I worked with a few years ago used to call me that, because he thought that’s what I had jotted down on a sheet of paper as my signature. (I had actually written: Cathsk.)

So, anyway… lo and behold… when I Googled “Catfish and the Bottlemen”… what comes up? The video for my new song: “Kathleen“!!!

Thank you, young rock stars.

I will gladly add it to my running list
of Cath-related songs. 😉

PS: And, yes… I do realize you have probably already heard
of this band and all of their songs and I am just really slow.


Your thoughts? Anyone, anyone....

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