My funny Valentines…?

In the midst of my preparations for celebrating the holiday of love this week… it occurred to me that I have never actually spent it in a romantic way with anyone.

Well, who can blame me….?

I am obviously quite difficult to get along with. My sarcastic sense of humor isn’t always easy for others to comprehend. And I have a habit of not sharing any of my deepest, innermost thoughts (unless I really, really like you). I also tend not to show affection in outward ways, except when I’m with my family (unless, of course, I really, really like you). I’m just guessing here, but… I’m thinking that it is most likely my incomprehensibility and lack of self-expression that is the problem.

But that’s not to say I’ve spent the holiday moping around, drenched in tears every year due to lack of romantic attention. Quite the opposite. I have been known to receive bouquets of flowers and chocolates from men. So far, it just hasn’t been the right man.

Anyway… one year, I spent the morning and afternoon draped in a fluffy white robe and slippers drinking cranberry juice from a champagne glass at a day spa, enjoying a mani/pedi, facial and massage. That was a really good day. Other years, I entertained myself with a marathon of my favorite romantic comedies. I also recall spending time with my BFF and/or sister here or there. And my parents. And, more recently, my daughter.

I also have a lot of memories of crafting and/or purchasing heart-embellished objects for my friends and family members — something such as a lacy sachet or Valentine-styled socks, accompanied by heart-shaped chocolates.

Granted… I will admit that I did write a misery-filled Valentine poem back in college that summed up my complete lack-of-love-interest angst, but again… can you blame me? I mean… who doesn’t want to be shown romantic affection on the day designated specifically for receiving it?

(Maybe one day you’ll find true love.)

Valentine Heart
“I love you higher than the sky. Thank you for everything. Happy Valentine’s Day Mommy”

Nevertheless, I shall endure!

My daughter and I have a wonderful day planned for ourselves this year, doing our favorite things together and opening gifts bestowed upon us by the Love Bug. (Yes, there really is one, and it delivers gifts in the middle of the night just like Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny… in case you didn’t know.)

She gave me that pretty paper heart last year for the occasion.

What’s not to love?




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