Nutcracker Dress Rehearsal – Act II

Neither rain nor snow nor sleet… shall keep us away from rehearsing Act II of The Nutcracker! It was pretty messy driving to the auditorium, though. The return trip home at the end of the session, however, was quite uneventful. I’m looking forward to a warmer, drier Thanksgiving Day tomorrow.

But I digress.

Now, where do I begin to describe what it’s like to be a “Backstage Mom” for a bunch of mid-elementary school girls? It’s definitely one of those situations that can redefine your day — taking you almost instantly from reasonably happy to totally stressed in a matter of moments. But it’s not even the girls that are the issue… for the most part. It’s the other moms.

How there can be so much drama in one room, I don’t know… but I took several opportunities to escape that room as often as possible. For example, a couple of times I wandered down the corridor to another (older girls) dressing room to see how they were progressing… or to get a sip of water from the water fountain… or to check in with “Command Central” — a table where the Backstage Coordinators sit and snack on cheese and crackers or cookies or chips all night long. (I only took one tiny square of Colby Jack cheese, remembering that I still need to fit into my gown in a couple of days!)

At one point, my dance partner’s wife (also a Backstage Mom, but in a different room than me) approached me in the hallway. “How’s my husband treating you?”

“Oh, he’s plotting my demise,” I told her. “He wants to get rid of me already.”

She laughed, “Sounds like him.”

I told her she had a nice family and that it was sweet of him to want to participate in his daughter’s events. She said, “Yeah… he’s trying to do a good job for her.”


Now, if only he would catch me when I fall.

[I guess that’s a lot to ask of any man, though. Sigh.]

Anyway… the Ginger girls (my daughter is one of them) did a good job with their practice. They have to walk out on stage in tandem as an unseen group under Mother Ginger’s giant skirt… do their routine… and then scurry back under the skirt to go off-stage again. It’s quite a feat. Other than that, I didn’t get to watch any dances throughout the four hours we were there.

I am, however, watching Gone With the Wind on AMC right now.

“Oh, Ashley. Tell me you love me and I’ll live on it,” said Scarlett, looking stunningly beautiful.

“Goodbye,” said Ashley, running out the door.


That’s all I have for the moment.

I can’t wait to see Santa in the parade… and to make it through all three Nutcracker performances without any issues. We have a handful of friends and family members coming at various times, so it should be fun.

I hope!




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