Nutcracker Rehearsal #8

Last, but not least. Only a few final rehearsal notes left to remark upon from last night, including a few about “put-together’, which happened this afternoon.

To start, I noticed that my dance partner and I are now in sync enough with each other that when he found me looking at his feet (the men wear their socks in lieu of shoes for practice), he commented, “You want to step on my toes, don’t you?” I told him, “Of course I do.” And so I did. (We weren’t doing anything else at the time anyway….)

My arm also got cramped up at one point when we were walking off stage. He asked why. I told him about my injury and how it still sneaks up on me every once in a while. He asked how it happened.

I began my tale, “I was walking my dog and…” I paused because this is where people usually laugh. Instead, I noticed he was waiting for me to finish. I continued, “… and the leash was wrapped around my wrist, so when the dog took off, he yanked me along with him. It was so painful, I couldn’t move my arm for almost a year.”

Then my partner said something shocking, “The same thing happened to me when I walked my dog. He took off after a squirrel. I tore my rotator cuff.”

“Really?” I asked, pointing out where my rotator cuff had been torn, along with three other damaged portions of my back and arm. He nodded in solidarity.

“Did you get physical therapy?” he asked, sensibly.

“No.” I shook my head, non-sensibly.

“So… you just sucked it up?”

“Yes. I’ve always had a high tolerance for pain. And now I have a crazy arm that gets stuck in awkward positions.” 🙂

Speaking of awkward positions….

The artistic director once again moved my partner and I from one place on stage to another. We now perform our second dance in the center of the stage, directly in front of the Christmas tree. If we keep this up, we will eventually be dancing in the lobby of the auditorium.

The only other semi-interesting thing that happened was that my partner and I decided to have a real conversation on stage instead of just miming. Why? Because we are miming for so long that the scene just feels like it goes on and on. Now, by actually talking, time goes by a little more quickly.

Our chat revolved around planning a Victorian-era vacation. He suggested Vienna. I countered with Venice. He reiterated Vienna and explained that Venice has too many pigeons. I told him that I didn’t care about the pigeons, I wanted to ride in a gondola. He asked if I would settle for Tuscany. I said, “Tuscany by way of Venice, right?” He said, “Fine. Do you like to drink red or white wine?” I told him neither because I’m allergic to it… but that I prefer white. He told me he would get me some grape juice.

Then I suggested, “Or maybe we can go somewhere like Tahiti.” He told me they didn’t have Tahiti back then. I said, “Then let’s call it an uncharted tropical isle populated by island natives.” He said, “The only people who probably knew about those islands in Victorian times were whalers. Nantucket whalers. Hey! Let’s book our voyage on a whaling ship.”

I asked him, “Umm… have you looked at a world map lately, ’cause I am pretty sure that Nantucket is nowhere near Tahiti, so the chances of their whaling ship landing on a tropical isle are slim. Also, you might want to pick up a history book, too. ‘Cause Victorian people knew about all sorts of things….”

“We have three kids. We’re not going anywhere anyway.”

I told him, “Speak for yourself. That’s why we have a nanny.”

By then, the artistic director, who was standing in for Herr Drosselmeier, whisked past us and told us to get off the stage. Apparently, we were just about to miss our clue to exit. I guess that’s what happens when you get engrossed in an actual pretend conversation.

… And that sums up the events of last evening.

Today, our “put-together” session was pretty cut and dry. A handful of the professional dancers in the show were in town to participate, so we were able to see them perform for the first time. I also got to watch my daughter rehearse her part… which is always fun.

And that is about it.

Next week: Dress rehearsals for Act I (me) and Act II (my daughter) on separate days. Then Thanksgiving. Then the Santa Claus Parade. Then our three Nutcracker performances… plus working on one of my volunteer jobs at the end of the week.


P.S. Forgot to mention that I spent the morning sewing two headpieces together on the fly… and repairing the bag that Drosselmeier pulls gifts out of for the kids at the party. It has been suggested to me that there may be more show-related hand-sewing for me in my future on Monday night.

So much to look forward to….



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