Nutcracker Rehearsal #5

Today’s practice had been rescheduled for this afternoon from our usual rehearsal time, due to Halloween’s untimely trick-or-treating taking precedence on Friday night.

But first…

Earlier in the day, prior to rehearsal, I’d had to address the issue of the hemlines on a couple of costumes. You see, this year, we have two quite-tall-for-their-age girls in the role of Mother Ginger’s daughters. (There are about 11 girls in this role, including my daughter.) The rule for this costume is that all skirts must end at the same distance from the floor. Therefore, one dress required the addition of 7 inches of fabric at the hem, while the other required 5 inches. This information was made known to me by the studio director when I dropped off my daughter for her rehearsal yesterday. (The director likes to add things to my to-do list unendingly. 😐 )

Anyway, the trick to this hemline issue is that these costumes have been around for so long (early 1990s) that the fabric is no longer produced in this color (Christmas green). There were, however, scraps of the fabric remaining in a small plastic bin in the costume closet, which I had to acquire and then piece together into strips of the correct lengths and widths for addition to the dresses. The good news is: there was just enough fabric to do this. (YEA!) So I basted all of the fabric together and attached it to the dresses…but…

… by the time I had accomplished that masterful seamstressing task, it was nearly time for rehearsal. So I had to make a mad dash to the dance studio. (Latecomers are usually frowned upon… so I try never to be one.) More good news: I was only a couple of minutes late, and no one seemed to notice….

So, on to rehearsal….

The room was filled with a lot of miscellaneous noise when I walked in. Music was playing. A bunch of young girls were assembled near the mirrors at the front of the room, gabbing and practicing some of their dance steps. And the adult party guests (parents) were mixing and mingling amongst themselves.

I spied by “husband” across the room, sporting a dark gray t-shirt with an image of the Union Jack and “The Beatles” written on it. Clearly, he did this to secure my interest in him, since I had mentioned liking London and The Beatles at our last rehearsal. (I am just making this up; I seriously doubt he wore it on purpose….) At any rate, he did not seek me out upon my arrival, but when we finally did meet up, he seemed to be willing to laugh a little again… which was nice to know.

I won’t bore you by mentioning how we, as an the entire group, marked all of our places, along with our dance steps; talked about our music cues for doing the “big freeze” moment; and welcomed the man who is playing Drosselmeier into our fold (he arrived halfway through our two-hour rehearsal time to walk through his role, which he is reprising from last year).

I also won’t go into detail about the woman who is fully twice my size and always seems to purposefullly stand directly in front of me blocking both my view of the audience and the audience’s view of me… which always prompts me to remind her, “Tall people in the back.” (She can be seen equally well back there.) This has happened at each performance of every show we’ve been in together. She seems to have no sense of one’s personal space or how much her arms flail in the midst of others’ company. I may as well not even be there, with her taking over. 😛

All of that did happen, but it is all par for the course. Nothing exciting or interesting to share.

But we did go over a couple of new portions of the party scene — not new to those of us who were in the show last year, but new to others who were not. At one point in the story, a life-size ballerina doll and toy soldier doll are brought out. I teased my “husband” that I’d be leaving the party with the handsome soldier, at which point my “husband” started looking around for a rifle with which to shoot the soldier. “No, you will not be leaving with him,” he told me.

“I think you’ve had too many glasses of [fake] champagne, dear,” I replied.

And so the trivial Nutcracker jokes continued, silently amongst ourselves so as not to cause us to get into any trouble with the artistic director.

Nothing of real import occurred throughout the rehearsal, although my partner and I did get rearranged with another couple for one of our dances. Apparently, on our original side of the stage, everyone (like us) already knew what they were doing, so the artistic director swapped my partner and I to the opposite side so that the new people over there who weren’t quite as sure of themselves (or the dance steps) could follow us. So… even more good news: I am no longer dancing behind the couch. YEA!

And that was about all there was to rehearsal today. But….

Directly after rehearsal…

We held our monthly board meeting and discussed some remaining details of the show, etc. I will soon be presenting my new Nutcracker T-shirt design to the group for approval, and finalizing the content in the show program so that the files can be sent to the printer next week.

So much to do, so little time….

As usual.


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