Nutcracker Rehearsal #4

Top 5 Things I Appreciate About My Dance Partner:

  1. He is gentlemanly, clean and smells kinda nice.
  2. He doesn’t have clammy hands or stinky feet.
  3. He’s about the right height so as not to cause me a major neck injury when I put my hands upon his shoulders to twirl.
  4. He says funny things, but isn’t a total goofball.
  5. He is interested enough to practice our dances alone in his basement at home in preparation for our rehearsals.

Tonight, I even had time to have a real conversation with him. Until now, it’s been mere banter about dance moves. Actually, the first thing he said to me when I approached him upon my arrival this evening was, “No laughing this week.” And he was serious.

Oh, yeah?! Well you know what, Mr. Dance Cop? That was actually fine with me, because I wasn’t in a laughing mood anyway. It’s been a long, tiring week. (So there!)


Anyway…. After our group had run through our dances a few times each, the artistic director began to review her notes to tell us when we will be making our individual entrances before the curtain opens at the beginning of the show. My partner turned to me and said, “So, how many kids do you want?” I stepped back for a second, forgetting where I was — wondering if I’d managed to enter The Twilight Zone or The Dating Game — and then he added, “I had three last year. Didn’t you have three, too?”

Oh, yeah…. I forgot. We get assigned kids from the show to be our pretend families.

A moment later, the artistic director announced that my partner and I are going to enter as Family #1. [I like to refer to us as: The First Family.] We were then assigned three daughters, one of which is my partner’s real-life daughter. (Aww.)

Once all of the kids were assigned to their various parents, everyone had to leave the room so that we (a.k.a. “The First Family”) could learn our parts to cross the stage. After practicing our moves a few times with the girls, we were done and had to go sit in the lobby to wait for the remaining seven families to learn their parts.

This waiting time is what afforded me the opportunity to get to know my “husband” on a more personal level. (BTW, I heard him refer to me as his “wife” to someone this evening, and it felt quite odd….)

As it turns out, he is one of those people with a job he’s not really supposed to talk about, and yet he filled me in on it. I guess that building our relationship upon a foundation of trust is a good first step. šŸ˜‰ Anyway… I actually (years ago) wrote most of the content for the career website his company developed for themselves. (I hope that makes sense.) In other words, his company was my client. So… that was slightly interesting.

We then shifted to the topic of travel. He has the opportunity to go to London “four or five times a year”. (He doesn’t know this, but I will be sneaking into his suitcase to go along for the ride on his next trip there.) For some reason he asked me if I like Indian food. I told him that London was the first place I’d ever eaten it… and he said that’s all he ever eats there. So, I guess we kinda have that in common.

Although he said he never has time to do anything outside of work while he’s there, I did mention to him that he should go on some of the ghost walking tours some time. I think I managed to talk him into one when he returns for his next trip!

We also talked about the Beatles — since I’d taken a Beatles bus tour ages ago — and he mentioned that one of the guys he works with lives in Paul McCartney’s neighborhood, so they see him walking about once in a while. Or something like that.

When our conversation shifted to family pets, we discovered that we both use code language for walking the dog. We both say, “It’s time to take the dog for a ‘w’,” instead of saying the word “walk” — since our dogs know that word so well.

And… we talked about our names because he prefers to be called by his given name, rather than a common nickname for it. And I explained to him the woes of being called “Cathy” by people who shorten my name to that, thinking that I must go by it — but I never have.

About that time, the artistic director had finished explaining the choreography for everyone’s parts and gathered us together again to run through all of the cross-overs and dances… so my partner and I returned to the rehearsal room and went back to not actually speaking to each other… and not laughing, of course.

Other than that, not much going on tonight. But everything is starting to come together. Next weekend, we will rehearse with Herr Drosselmeier for the first time this season. Until then, I’ll be finishing up the show T-shirt and program designs… plus all my other usual work activities.

Already dreaming of winter snowflakes and drinking a hot cup of cocoa, curled up on the couch in front of a sparkling, decorated tree this holiday season. šŸ˜‰


Your thoughts? Anyone, anyone....

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