“All Hallows Eve” at Sully

"In the 18th and 19th centuries, Virginians celebrated 
All Hallows Eve with storytelling, fortune telling, 
fall foods and family gatherings. Experience these 
traditions as you tour the house and grounds by 
lantern light." - Sully Historic Site

Sully - House, Close-Up
Sully - Map
You are here….
Sully - Slave Quarters
Let’s wander the grounds a bit….
Sully - Storytelling
We begin our tour with a story….
Sully - Confederate Soldier
Please let us in, Reb….
Sully - House
We have arrived for our house tour….
Sully - Smokehouse
Next, we view the well and smokehouse….
Sully - Making Apple Butter
Anyone want to make fresh apple butter?
Sully - Crushing Spices
Simply chop the apples, grind the nutmeg and crush up all the spices….
Sully - Fortune Teller
Now, let’s see what the future holds…. Ahh, a schedule filled with lots of activities…. How did she know?
Sully - Making a Straw Doll
Next stop: making a straw doll….
Sully - Finished Straw Doll (3)
… and here she is!


Happy Halloween!



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