Anybody want a peanut? (Nutcracker Rehearsal #1)

Nutcracker Promo ImageWell… tonight’s the night! (Cue Rod Stewart.) At last, it’s time for my first dance rehearsal for this year’s production of The Nutcracker!

I will finally get to see who will be the new man in my life… for the next two months, until Thanksgiving. I am just *hoping* it is not the man who was non-stop ogling me at our dance rehearsals last year. He is the nearest to my height (all of the other men are super tall). My guess is it will be him.*

I suppose that I should be happy just having a dance partner at all. And I think I can be, as long as whoever it is doesn’t have stinky feet and clammy hands like my partner did last year (no offense to my partner last year). Also, not showing up smelling of whiskey would be nice. Or overdosing on cologne. And general cleanliness is always a plus. Along with the ability to converse sensibly. And perhaps display a sense of humor. And a smidgen of rhythm. And some musicality….

Do I ask too much?


“A good man
is so hard
to find…
or is he?”


Show me what you’ve got.

*LATE-NIGHT, POST-REHEARSAL NEWSFLASH: Well… as expected, I did get assigned The Ogler as my dance partner. Need I say more??? Actually, as it turns out, he’s not all that bad after all. (Technically.) Although he lacks rhythm and musicality — and I’m undecided on his conversation skills and sense of humor — he will do. For two months.

Your thoughts? Anyone, anyone....

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